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Dr Graffiti's products has considerably reduced the cleaning time in all areas where graffiti has become a generalized problem.

Jacques St-Amour, Concordia University

Dr Graffiti's products has been approved for use at our health center and we are looking forward to purchasing the products.

Patricia Grasis, McGill University Health Center

The products your company used/sold us has left the wall surface clean and undamaged.

Nicole Wilkinson, McGill Residences

To date, Dr Graffiti's products has offered the borough's a higher level of results that the department was looking for.

Andrew Duffield, Westmount Public Works Department

Here today, gone tomorrow.

Sgt Heinz K, Toronto Metro Police

You guys are great no more tags on my building!

Marcel Lord, Rio Can Management

You guys do great work, if you need a reference, l'm your man!

Ben Shoe, City of Toronto

The products you sold us works very well on all types of surfaces.

Richard Audet, Quebec Minister of Transportation

When I was at the Las Vegas convention show, I had the oportunity to visit Doctor Graffiti's booth (Division of Dr Graffiti, Inc). I have seen what their products can perform and I was totally amazed at what these products can do. It really works to remove graffiti and their Graffiti Partition Guard is fantastic.

Sid Abrams, R.P. ICE Ltd. Miami, Florida, U.S.A.
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